Why Narendra Modi is silent about the devastating impact of Social Media on Indian Society?


The Indian government imposed an one-month ban on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites in Kashmir Valley in 2017 to control the mob engaged in fighting with the armed forces thus creating disturbances and social media was being used to mobilizing and provoking crowds .Odisha,which is relatively a peaceful State experienced a communal riot in the communally volatile town Bhadrakh, originated from a vulgar  or derogatory  facebook posting.In the name of viral video,the privacy right  of the citizens are being violated massively in our country.In view of the avalanche of bizarre,it is necessary to regulate the social media to the net of censorship.However the Government has no such proposal as yet.

In China, Facebook was blocked following the July 2009 Urumqui riots  because  Xinjiang independence activists  were using Facebook as part of their communications network.Again,there is a Chinese version of social media site popularly known as Renren which has many features similar to Facebook and complies with PRC Government regulations regarding content filtering.This content filtering or censorship provision is not yet been adopted by India,as an aftermath many abusive,fake,socially and communally sensitive postings are disturbing the social ecology of India.

In fact abusing the opponents through the trolls is a strategic election plank of BJP right from 2014,so they may not wish to regulate the social media.Rather,it is now people to agitate and compel government to do so.

Facebook is not only a social threat,it is a big threat to our economy as well.Each common man of India is being programmed by Facebook and Google to earn money and to control the Socio-economic  life.The later issue is a more serious concern.The social life of India would be controlled by a foreign company and any moment India could be subjected to  any social uproar,riot and vested communication which would be counter productive to the social synthesis and communal ecosystem of India.As such India is a socially and communally volatile country.

I would like to quote one recent example,earlier the social link between India and Pakistan was very friendly,we exchange art ,culture,food materials across boarder,but the exchange of abuses through social media is a recently developed practice. While the mother  and wife of Kulbhushan Yadav was on the way to meet him and immediately after the meeting the abuses and the counter abuses were at its extreme lower level,even the magnanimity of India by allowing Pakistani patients in Indian Hospital was being ridiculed from both side.Indians ware claiming it a grace from India and Pakistanis were calling it the business interest of India,actually it is beyond business or grace,it is simply the cause of humanity.So the hatred spreading to the common level is the outcome of social media penetration.

On the economic front, Facebook reported a 43% jump in its revenues in India for the year ended March as marketers in the country continue to increase advertising spends on digital media, according to filings with the registrar of companies.

The social network major posted Rs 177 crore in revenues, at Rs 16 per user, for FY16 against Rs 123 crore at Rs 9 per user in the previous year. Its net profit doubled to Rs 31 crore from `16 crore during the period. India is already the second-largest market  for Facebook outside the United States, where it earned Rs 610 per user, and there is a huge potential for growth given the rapid expansion of mobile data usage in the country.

Less developed markets such as India lag behind in consumers’ use of digital devices, and brands have been slower to embrace digital media. Traditional media still secures the bulk of advertising budgets in the country. But most marketers have increased advertising spends on digital media, particularly in urban areas where the infrastructure supports Wi-Fi and affordable mobile connections, media insiders said. Google attracted most of the spends, they said. Very soon Indian entertainment studios would face stiff challenge from Google and Facebook in the advertising industry.Unless the Indian module of Facebook and YouTube is developed expeditiously,the Americans would dominate the Advertising market and Indian Entertainment industry.Indian Brand Promotion and Brand Value would be controlled from the Google Studio of US.

India is arguably Facebook’s most important market, with the nation recently edging out the U.S. as the company’s biggest. The number of users there is growing twice as fast as in the U.S. And that doesn’t even count the 200 million people who use the company’s WhatsApp messaging service in India, more than anywhere else on the globe.
By the time of India’s 2014 elections, Facebook had for months been working with several campaigns. Modi relied heavily on Facebook and WhatsApp to recruit volunteers who in turn spread his message on social media. Since his election, Modi’s Facebook followers have risen to 43 million, almost twice Trump’s count.
As Modi’s social media reach grew, his followers increasingly turned to Facebook and WhatsApp to target rivals. India has become a hotbed for fake news, with one hoax story this year that circulated on WhatsApp leading to two separate mob beatings resulting in seven deaths.
On the night of September 5, a Honda motorcycle pulled in front of the Bengaluru home of Gauri Lankesh, an outspoken critic of the government who had been targeted by trolls. As the journalist was unlocking her gate, three bullets struck her in the head and chest, killing her. No arrests have been made.
The final editorial Lankesh had written for her newspaper was titled “In the Age of False News.” In it, she lamented how misinformation and propaganda on social media were poisoning the political environment.
If demonetization was good for the country with a lot of inconvenience,regulating social media is very good for the country without any inconvenience,then why the reform Messiah of New India, as claimed by him self and his followers,Mr Modi is silent on censoring social media and viral videos with strict panel provisions?



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