What was the real assessment of BJD for 2019 Elections !!!!

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

An Odisha based News Portal recently has published a blog where a claim has been made that V.K.Pandiyan had predicted 111 Assembly seats and 13 Parliament seats for BJD .All know the bosses of this news portal spend day in and day out in the corridors of the so-called third floor of Odisha and they may have private discussions in the form of gossips as few 3rd floor sponsored journalists use to consider the corridors of 3rd floor as their center of gossip and livelihood.

So far we had the information the inroad of BJP was quite evident in Odisha and the assessment of BJD was below 90 seats.Even at a point of time BJD was apprehending their position between 70 to 80 seats and a BJD sponsored News Channel aired an Exit poll limiting BJD within 5 Parliament seats and probably 85 Assembly seats.However there was no such anti-Naveen atmosphere throughout Odisha. Though the growth of BJP was evident,people who know the ground reality of Odisha have a strong view that the growth of BJP may not end up with seats in Parliament and Assembly.

I would like to quote the assessment of a person, Swadhin Satpathy,who closely watch Odisha politics,this person is a poli-holic man.His assessment was 0 to 3 seats for BJP in Parliament and 18 to 22 seats in Assembly and categorically he has mentioned Congress a single digit score in Assembly and 0 to 1 in Parliament.This man living round the year in a hotel room of Bhubaneswar;spending most of his times studying the politics of Odisha has predicted BJD 107 to 115 seats in Assembly and 18 to 20 Parliament seats for BJD.

Now question is if V.K.Pandian had the insight of a debacle offing in his mind in Parliament why then BJD preferred Rabindra Jena in Baleswar and Arup Pattnaik in Bhubaneswar.Poor candidature in both the above places snatched the chances of BJD Lok Sabha result.If the CMO had the information of BJD performing poorly in Lok Sabha compare to Assembly performance,why then failed to design a dedicated blueprint to neutralize the damage????

It seems that BJP has succeeded just in three Parliament seats at its own strength and rest five seats have been gifted to it by BJD due to poor campaign management.The over confidence of Prasanna Acharya ended in a tragic defeat.I remember; just after a day of ticket announcement I had a brief meeting with Prasanna Acharya, I had suggested him not to be more jubilant on the Naveen factor in Bargarh and to try hard to compete the massive “Narrative campaign” of BJP to counter the Modi factor.By that time Balakot had been a strong election plank for BJP. Probably Prasanna Acharya underestimated my suggestions,Suresh Pujhari as a National leader of the party strongly pursued the Modi wave,but inspite of a more magical oratory power,Prasanna Acharya banked upon the Naveen wave,ignoring the Modi narrative which was  slicing his ground underneath.



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