War must not be used as a fashion to win Election.

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

13 Lakh families of this Country are at the pick of their  stress level, as someone dear to them is engaged in the border to save our dear nation.No doubt we all are patriots but again the soldier engaged in the border is the means of livelihood of a family and its support system,it would be mere hypocrisy to deny it.We must not ignore the reality, that, not patriotism, but joblessness, that  drive many of our youths either to military or militancy. However we have not resolved their basic arm & amenities need and required salary. In the last  four years when 176 BSF personnel has been killed by terrorism 189 BSF personnel have committed suicide out of stress and frustration. So let us not talk or expect patriotism or sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Even today we lost few jawans in Kashmir by the militants. 

One BJP leader B.S.Yedurappa said it would be easy for BJP to gain 22 seats out of 28 in Karnataka due to the atmosphere of war.Almost a same comment by a Gujrat BJP leader.One month back Subramanyam Swami had told, “Though Modi had done nothing in the last five years, still he will be victorious as Pakisthan could be a potential election plank during elections. Coincidentally the prediction of Swamy proved true.BJP is taking the advantage to publicize it. The PM is engaged in rhetoric like Bollywood melodrama.

However the PM has abstained from his stylish rhetoric from the day when we lost one Mig-21 and a MI-7 chopper, including 6 casualty and one pilot on captivity by Pakisthan army, at the face of no such embarrassment  from the Pakisthan side,we are lucky, including the family of the Pilot Abhinandan that an international agreement ,called Geneva convention,saved our face .In this context question is,  Is India really ready for a full length war with full proof protection for our soldiers ??

Absolutely not ,because we are a poorly equipped arm force.India is the 5th military might of the world and Pakisthan is 11th.Notwithstanding the only indigenous element of our military might is our 13lakh odd human power,so we have developed our military might by importing our fire power funded by the poor and hungry Indians.Our asset is our men-power but simultaneously loss of manpower has a great sociological instability,we used to trumpet our four times victory against Pakisthan,however we suppress the cost of those war,in terms of human loss one lakh families have affected in these war,for whom Government of India or the civic society had never reciprocated the pain of those families.

At the pretext of Pulwama terror attack there is a war of words as to whether the BJP Bullet Proof Jacket is batter or the Congress one. In reality, neither of the two.The answer of this old debate is-the militants are far more equipped with technology and arms then our soldier.

No mind game is required to understand, how poorly our military is equipped, at the aftermath of Pulwama, army had to crackdown one hideout where allegedly the mastermind along-with his two aides were available, was it so difficult a task to spent 19 hours to complete at the cost of the precious life of four Jawans including one Major and the injury of one brigadier ??????????

Again  day after the Pulwama attack  we lost one Major and another Jawan while defusing an IED ?????????From the day of Pulwama everyday we are loosing our brave soldiers including today,yesterday and day before yesterday while fighting with the terrorists.The casualty of our military and para-military has increased substantially since Modi Government acquired Dilhi.

Is it our military might  or poverty ?????????

Kargil War stolen from us near about 600 jawans due to lack of proper war equipment. Still we dare for a full length war against Pakisthan only because that country is even less prepared then us.

Modi had developed a perception that Dr Manmohan Singh had no such will to fight with Pakisthan,which he described in a rustic manner as the outcome of his 56 inch chest.

However in reality due to the diplomatic engagement of Dr Manmohan Singh, casualty in the Kashmir valley was sizeably reduced from near about 5000 per annum in 2001 to 300 during 2007 and as the aftermath of this process Kashmir was the most peaceful region during 2010 to 2013.As soon as Modi becomes the PM of India his strategy, Kashmir policy and Pakisthan policy suddenly escalated the casualty in Kashmir back to the 2001 position.This is the comparative performance between the accidental PM and the paradoxical PM.It is India  to realize that ,war is not a cricket match,the four wars with Pakisthan has affected or so to say ruined approximately 1 lakh family of India.Modi is ensuring this number to grow for his narrow political interest. Manmohan Singh was not a weak PM ,he was a wise PM,he had a clear understanding that India is not America,we don’t have  surplus wealth to spare on war and we don’t have the technological excellence to fight a menless  techno-war or the zero casualty war.

There has been a common perception in the public that Modi would do something during elections related to Pakisthan to en-cash the frenzy of pseudo Nationalism.If this is true then India is surely slipping towards the ugly path of religious fundamentalism which has destroyed Pakisthan so far.

Mamata Banarjee is the first political leader to show the dare to question the authenticity of Balakote air strike and the subsequent claim.According to some foreign media the number of casualty Indian army claimed is false.Mamata claimed authenticity is required to record it in the pages of history. What ever may be, Kashmir is again ushering into the terrorist hotbed of India.


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