This Odisha Election is all about narratives designed by Piyush Pandey for BJP Vrs Visionless BJD

It has been a talk of the town that a group of vested interest are plundering the party funds of BJD in the name of  election campaign.This is why BJD in Odisha is trailing day by day in the election narrative front. BJP on the other hand is growing stronger with the scientific campaign strategy of Mumbai based add experts like Piyush Pandey. In Odisha it seems BJP is focused with its campaign strategy,election taglines and election scripts,where as BJD  campaign plan is sinking with frauds knowing nothing about campaign ideas of election.

BJD has prepared virtual image of Naveen Pattnaik in 3D technology  by spending crorers but the content of this publicity plan is poor and visionless. One so-called big film director has begged contract of making jingles for BJD worth more then twenty lakhs  per song and he is subletting it in the rate of two lakhs per song to persons who donot know how to create election narratives.This is the reason why the election materials of BJD is quite substandard in compare to BJP,this time.

Without forming specific campaign strategy BJD spoiled crorers of rupees from the Government exchequer and party fund in bogus event coverage without motive and purpose. For the last two years BJD is spending crorers in visual shooting of Naveen Pattnaik without developing a pointed  USP,which could penetrate the minds of the people of Odisha.

BJP has hired top ad.Gurus’ of India to design its punchlines and scripts for Odisha,where as BJD is biased with erroneous people.With the help of many fraudulent claims and of having a gloomy profile one person  occupied many promotional job of BJD,though he is unaware of handling the high-tech political narratives of India. Relying the unauthentic ideas of this person BJD is operating its whole campaign plan without substance and target.

Few days back BJP attacked the tagline of Naveen Pattnaik, “Apan Mane Khusi Ta” the confused BJD election narrative designers hurriedly removed the tagline from the speech of CM,though it could have been re-narrated aggressively to counter attack BJP. It is because proper media planners are not with the team of election management of BJD.

Designing election campaign is not merely event management and activity shooting,it is all about ideas.The way Modi is convincing people and interacting crowds in Election rallies are all  carefully scripted in the advertisement houses of Mumbai and Modi is simply the mask.On the other hand unauthentic media managers  are going to spoil the chance of BJD in Odisha by weakening the pace and theme of campaign management plan.

The latest blunder is a Film made in the title Biju Babu,it is a copy of South film DJ.We could not expect more ridiculous election campaign funda then this one.It is a copy idea of making a film on Modi by Umang Kumar.The difference is the standard of making and the narrative required for the purpose.When the film on Modi tit by bit helping the election campaign plan of BJP,people of Odisha are laughing at the film made in the name of Biju Babu. Interestingly nothing in the film is about Biju Babu except the name.It is a fraud by a gang to siphon out BJD party funds meant for election expenditure. May be this time the poor campaign strategy and and the involvement of irrelevant  people in  making campaign materials of BJD one of the prime reasons of electoral debacle.


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