The perils of absolute majority

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

“Power corrupts  and absolute power corrupts absolutely” this popular saying is reflecting in Indian Democracy. Aswini Baisnab is neither Abdul Kalam nor Kailash Satyarthi again he is neither Lata Mangeshkar nor Sachin Tendulkar he is an infamous Power broker of Lutyens Delhi.Unfortunately North Poll and South Poll united to elect him for the house of elders. Arrogance of absolute electoral mandate has prevailed so nastily that the corrupt practices which were earlier done secretly is now being done openly by the Modi Government.Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the deal between BJD and BJP has been made openly !!!!As if a corrupt deal made openly is legal and subject to no criticism or accountability !!!!!

This union minister during elections has made several statements indicating the nexus of South Indian mining mafia with the CMO and Government of Odisha. Now the Director of this Company is being nominated to Rajya Sabha unanimously by the ruling party and principal opposition party of the State.The bizarre itself narrates the expected role of opposition in the coming five years.

The new perception of present democracy during Modi and Naveen rule is opposition free Governance.

Development is the plank of this unique arrangement. Whether Odisha is in dearth of talent to represent Rajya Sabha ? Only a corporate broker like Aswini Baisnab could navigate development to Odisha?? Just a ridiculous clarification  for a corrupt deal. Moreover a non-Odia person who is an employee or Director of a mining company clearly involved in the mining scam of Odisha,as per the findings of Shah Commission, can never be considered as a visionary for the development of Odisha. Nevertheless it is clear that the out of state mining lobby has united the ruling and opposition to satisfy their clandestine  vested interest uninterruptedly and the  fanfare of development of Odisha is merely an eyewash.

The arrogance now the country supposes to resist is due to the historic mistake of giving absolute majority without honestly verifying the disasters this Government has contributed to the economy in the last five years. By shifting the election narrative purely on communal color the BJP is run by huge corporate funding.Development is not in the right earnest, it is merely a propaganda plan like the much hyped Gujrat Model.

The mainstay of this Government is hype and publicity by spending thousands of crores by blocking the mainstream media.Just look at the dangerous agenda of BJP.

Rajya Sabha Members of Telgu Desam allegedly accused of disproportionate property and subjected to IT raid defected to BJP,the main chit fund accused of TMC is now a strategist of BJP’s Mission Bengal and a group of corrupt TMC leaders are defecting to BJP in Bengal.In Odisha the Director of Triveni group, who is a main conspirator of the infamous mining scam of Odisha and BJP was very much critical towards the role of this company in Odisha Mining Scam during elections, is mysteriously a proposed Rajya Sabha Member of BJP without having numbers in their favor.State Governments ruled by non-BJP parties are counting days and spending sleepless nights with a fear and nightmare of abduction of their MLAs to any resort in any fine morning by BJP.Karnataka and Bengal is on the verge of mid-term poll only due to the notorious conspiracy of BJP supported by the Central Agencies like ED,CBI and IT.The position of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan is almost the same. So a  group of black mailers are ruling the country with absolute majority.


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