The mistake which may cause big damage to Naveen

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

Who was the campaign manager of  BJD and what was his qualification? This question itself is the answer of the cause of big damage BJD is going to witness in 2019 elections.The probable success of BJP; which is being predicted by exit poll is not because of the Modi wave or because of an alternate popular leader emerged against Naveen Pattnaik,it is only due to the poor  campaign narrative of BJD against the hyper and hardcore narrative of BJP which has  somehow stimulated voters for a change. The IT cell of BJD was run and headed by an ex-bureaucrat, who is absolutely have nothing to do with IT cell management and content creation. The person who was assigned to create the publicity materials and audio visual materials is a habituated fraud and the claims he made about himself time to time are absolutely false and fabricated. So these people were at the helm to lead the publicity and campaign strategy of BJD.

During elections BJD had engaged more then 300 video van for the publicity of BJD,once I got the opportunity to watch the AV materials loaded in these video van,it was just ridiculous and no match with the well designed and hardcore AV campaign materials of BJP.The BJP has also hired local talents to prepare its publicity materials but the design was conceptualized by true professionals who know the idea of USP management.

BJD made an expensive 3D module publicity program of Naveen Pattnaik and a Hydrabad based company was assigned to produce it with unbelievable price,I wonder to see the final output and the unfortunate content part. Probably understanding it a disastrous project BJD cancelled all the 3D show from its publicity schedule.

I remember,just a year back,during interaction with one bureaucrat placed in the office of CM Naveen Pattnaik, I had suggested to rise above bias, unless proper people are not placed in right place to deal with public narrative BJD may lose the narrative battle against BJP,which is crucial in 2019 elections.My apprehension proved true ,BJD failed to rise above bias, semiskilled people were  assigned sensitive job and by virtue of a self- goal BJD is going to spoil a big chance like Biju Pattnaik missed the 1996 chance.

BJD made wastage of resources in failure projects and unauthentic people were assigned crucial assignments who fail to deliver,contrary to it BJP extract the best value for money.For example the party funded substantially to a news portal of Bhubaneswar and this portal was assigned the IT cell of the party,operating from Kharabelanagar.The performance of this portal to set an anti-Naveen narrative in social media was outstanding.In a very short period this portal becomes successful in setting a tone against BJD and Naveen Pattnaik, on the contrary BJD has funded  crorers of money to couple of news portals of Odisha without any motivation.The portals have never helped BJD in setting a pro-BJD narrative.

Not only news portals,the news channels and print media of Odisha also have greatly benefited by the BJD Government but non of the agency have helped BJD like the national media helping BJP.It is said that the headlines of news papers and content of Primetime debate are decided in the media cell of BJP headquarters.That is why media houses are being paid substantially by BJP. Interestingly though all the local media houses are being paid by the Government no such monitoring from the BJD headquarters are done.When ever you go to BJP office of Bhubaneswar you can feel it like a vibrant corporate office having people working with fullest responsibility but any time even to my utter disappointment even during elections when ever you go to BJD office,it looks like a ghost-house.No work-no people-no organizational activity-no media management-no media monitoring-no R & D – no strategy management,the only reliable plank is the obsession of Biju legacy and the  utopia of Naveen image is the strength of this peculiar political party when their fort has been shield by strong enemies.

Mamata Banarjee is credited for giving no space blank for Modi,she is fighting upfront and established herself as the pride of Bengal,the Bengali pride is helping her to resist Modi,in the complex situation of Bengal where the Hindu-Muslim equation could well help Modi in Bengal,it is only her aggressive fighting strategy pushing Modi out of Bengal or else the Hindu card could have wiped out Mamata from Bengal in this election.The situation of Odisha was not as complex as Bengal but the fighting instinct in Naveen is absent and helping BJP to grow in Odisha.





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