The Last budget of Modi Government shows reality was realized when it is too late

Newscast Bureau,Bhubaneswar

The Prime Minister of India has written an article  which has been published in all the leading news daily about the union budget.It is a budget to satisfy the rural India keeping the State Elections of 2018 and General Elections 2019 in mind.

According to  BJP Leader Ashok Sahu, “It is a pragmatic budget.The tax benefit offered to MSME is an incentive given to them.Emphasis on further improving the lots of the last person in the queue is evident for more allocations to the rural sector.Minimum support price to farmers is a great relief to the tillers of the land. Ekalabya schools in blocks with tribal population of more then 20 thousand or 50% of the total population is a major step for improving education among the tribal population. Digitization of the blackboard in schools is a leap into the future.This budget will result in economic growth in 2018-19 for all the sector in the country.There is a visible sense of balance in communication in this budget. “Sabka saath,sabka Vikash” has been taken a step forward as a National agenda in this budget.

Well BJP is praising high to the union budget, but  question is why attention to rural India was remembered after four Years? Is it because elections is at the door step,is it because rural Gujrat rejected BJP,is it because all the flag ship programs of Modi Government proved counter productive ?

How ever apart from electoral interest the rural India truly need focus,but in a run up for digital India the rural India has been ignored from the inception days of  Modi Government.

Problem with the Modi Government is its misplaced priorities in the last four years.For example, “Swachha Bharat”,this could be a campaign to motivate cleanliness but it can’t be a flagship program to spare huge time and resources,which is practically impracticable in a huge and poor country like India.

Government need to understand, Poverty can’t afford cleanliness,it is a day dream and wastage of resources.India need to be rich,to be clean like Singapore or London.

While adopting hard economic reforms,instead of consulting or relying economists Modi Government would have consulted a wise surgeon to know about the impact of surgery and the list of priority when multiple surgery is needed to a human body.What is the ideal plan to treat multiple disease or multiple  mal- functioning of human organs?The ideal plan to restructure Indian economy and its social life lies is the answer of this question.

For example some body is suffering from renal failure,heart blockage and brain tumor simultaneously. Thus he needs three important surgery.Mistakenly the doctor opted the heart surgery first,no second surgery could be  possible in the near future or may be for ever.

Heart surgery should be the last surgery after rectifying the other health issues.

Unfortunately Modi Government erroneously opted demonetization as the first reform which is equal to the heart surgery on a human body,though other reforms were required before demonetization.

The last budget of Modi Government is a total shift of focus to rural economy.

During Modi rule due to serious mismanagement of Economy the GDP slashed from 8.1% to 5.7% ,which  reverted India back to the economic unstable days of ninentees.

After the grand failure of some sign board programs like Smart City,Swachha Bharat, in the last leg of the Government, Modi remembered the necessity of Strengthening the rural economy and rural life of India.

What ever earnest may have been behind this attempt,time will not permit the Modi Government to show the result.

The rural life of India is a very complex, clumsy and critical life, it is not so easy to streamline the rural infrastructure within a year.

These ideas would have been beneficial from the election prospect if implemented from the early days of the government.

The devastating demonetization has impacted the rural life of India in shape of huge job loss and the distress of  back to home for the rural youths.This budget can’t compensate that loss and neutralize the anger of rural India unless appropriate employment or earning methods are provided expeditiously. According to survey only within four months of demonetization 1.5 million rural youths lost their job and the process is still continuing due to the multiple bad effect added by GST.

How ever the Modi Government has a record of speed implementation of programs in a time bound manner.Efforts should continue to carry forward the plans to strengthen Agriculture, rural life and most importantly the rural health sector.The Health Insurance Scheme,which is still surrounded by a lot of ambiguity, is said to be the biggest Health Insurance Scheme of the world.Nevertheless the implementation of this big scheme is doubtful because of the grand failure of the earlier “Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana”.

The Health Minister J.P.Nadda him self is clueless about three fundamental questions on the much hipped Health insurance scheme,How much will this scheme cost? What is the timeline for its roll out? Will private sector influence cause exploitation? He is referring  NITI Aayog to respond.





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