Success story of ISRO

Newscast,New Delhi 06-04-2018:-During the last three years, starting from January 2015 till December 2017, a total of 169 foreign satellites from 23 countries were successfully launched onboard Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Revenue earned through these launches was approx. 95 Million Euros and 4.5 Million USD in Foreign Exchange.

The total number of missions proposed during the ensuing three years i.e.                  2018, 2019 & 2020 is 57 (26 Launch Vehicle missions and 31 satellite missions). In 2018, 4 missions (1 Launch Vehicle mission and 3 satellite missions) have already been completed till date.

Funds allocated to Department of Space during last three years is given below:

Financial Year Allocation (RE)

(` in crores)

2014-15 5826.00
2015-16 6959.44
2016-17 8045.28


Major achievements of ISRO along with new R&D missions accomplished during last three years are detailed below:


  1. Mars Orbiter Mission
  2. An experimental mission of GSLV-Mk III (with passive cryogenic stage)
  3. Launch of three navigation Satellites viz. IRNSS-1B, 1C and 1D.
  4. Launch of GSAT-16 communication satellite


  1. GSAT-6 communication satellite
  2. Launch of first observatory in space “ASTROSAT”
  3. Launch of communication satellite “GSAT-15”,
  4. Launch of two navigation satellites viz. IRNSS-1E and 1F.


  1. India’s GSLV-F05 with indigenous Cryogenic stage
  2. Augmented Indian Earth Observation capability with four remote sensing satellites viz. Resourcesat-2A, Scatsat-1 and two Cartosat-2 series.
  3. Successfully conducted two technology demonstrator missions viz. Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) and Scramjet Engine, an Air Breathing Propulsion System.
  4. Successful testing of indigenously developed Cryogenic Upper Stage “C25” for GSLV MkIII for full flight duration of 640 seconds.
  5. Successfully launched 104 satellites in a single go, onboard PSLV C37.




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