Prime Minister  interacts with economists and experts on “Economic Policy – The Road Ahead” 

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New Delhi:-In view of the ensuing budget which is said to be the crucial budget for Modi Government from many aspects and is the last Budget of this Government,NITI Ayog is working day in and day out to breeze the gap between policy formation and development.Amidst predictions of slow down of economy and a low GDP  of 6.5%,government is expected to deliver a welfare budget in this March to cover up the mess of demonetization and GST.

In the above pretext the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today attended an interactive session with over 40 economists and other experts, organized by NITI Aayog, on the theme “Economic Policy – The Road Ahead.”

During the session, participants shared their views on various economic themes such as the macro-economy, agriculture and rural development, employment, health and education, manufacturing and exports, urban development, infrastructure and connectivity.All the said subjects mentioned in the list are the areas where the Modi government has a dismal performance in-spite of a lot of propaganda.

Agricultural income of the farmers has not grown as was committed by the Modi Government,rather farmer suicide is growing in numbers.

Smart City project is yet to be understand as per the international theme-line, what ever may be the international parameter of a smart City, the progress is very meager.Employment generation has reduced in the country and the informal sector is the biggest casualty of GST and note ban,instead of generating employment some steps of the government has affected the present setup of employablity.

Cost of health care has not reduced in the country though Government claims major reforms in the Health  and Pharmaceutical Policy.

A major election promise of  PM Modi was to strengthen the village life of India,the scenario of Indian Villages are as it was,even the, “Sansad Adarsh Gram Project” has been reduced into a sign board project, without performance in the ground.Creating employment in the vicinity of villages is still a remote hope,which was promised by PM  Modi.

As the Modi Government is just on the verge of completion of its full tenure,it is crucial for the Government to show the compliance of its Menifesto and election promises.Though the government is claiming major reforms in several sectors, the actions are  yet to be translated into result in the crucial agricultural income,health care,employment,infrastructure,Smart City and Rural Development. Incidentally the  areas which are getting extra focus since last three years, are not the priority sectors of the country like,Swachha Bharat,Digital India,Jan Dhan Account and the like.

Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley thanked all the participants for their thought-provoking suggestions. In his intervention, the Prime Minister thanked various participants for their suggestions and observations, on various aspects of the economy. In particular, he appreciated the quality of suggestions that had come from various subject experts. Now it is to see the implementation of the suggestions on a war footage which was neglected due to focusing more time on reforms without preparing the country for the eventualities.


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