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Mission 120 eclipsed under Mission All Out !!!!

Though the National Media is heralding 13 Lok Sabha seats for BJP from Odisha,the incumbent Naveen Government is working out for a Mission All out, the opportunity they narrowly had missed during the Modi wave of 2014.BJP managed to snap the Sundargarh seat by a thin margin.

Dreaming for the seats where BJP was second in 2014 was quite obvious and was not an impossible task. BJP maintained its lead over Congress in the subsequent Panchayat elections as well. Nevertheless things went wrong against BJP only after this Panchayat jubilation.Not only they lost Bijepur by-elections,their vote of  92000 in Panchayat elections came down to 60000 in Bijepur followed by many by-elections where BJP lost its relevance in the state..Still the party banking upon the hype of Modi,which has been their trump card for the last  five years. Admirably the attempt of BJP to set a decisive electoral war for 2019 has shown results in Odisha,after two decades Odisha is set to witness a crucial elections, though the outcome seems to be unchanged except, unlike the unilateral fight like 2009 and 2014, this time it will be a triangular one and all credit goes to BJP for the abusive politics which brewed the sense of change in few minds. However the idea of change may go to either side in the wake of Modi being considered as a failure performer.the recent NSSO report on job status and the big question raised against the fanfare of Surgical strike and crackdown of terrorism through demonetization; after the recent Pulwama terror attack , will further diminish the credibility of Modi.

So,no where in the country Modi can replicate its 2014 performance including Odisha.Apart from the national scenario,the State BJP has its indigenous reasons to trail from its 2014 position.The peculiar fact is,in the last five years BJP has helped Congress to grow at the cost of self and the abusive attacks of BJP to the BJD government helped them to grow stronger and put  extra-vigil.In the last one year; ignoring the abusive politics,Naveen Government ensured to include every citizen of the State to the ambit of avalanche of Government schemes.On the welfare and developmental front one could easily see a huge gap between the performance of Nabeen and Modi.

After pulling out the Rail Coach factory from Odisha and preferring industrial surplus State Gujrat as the ideal place for the only Rail University of India, the rhetoric of “Look East” seems to be a bluff.When a 18 month Girl child is being sexually abused in Madhya Pradeah,a Rajya Sabha Member of this very state is questioning women safety of Odisha and funding handsome amount to make movies in these issues.These double standards have meager values in electoral process.Now the ultimate goal of BJP in Odisha is to retain the No-2 position in the state,which is under threat at the moment due to the overconfidence of the party and arrogance of its leaders.

In 2014 BJP placed in 2nd position in most of the seats of Odisha,the misery is,this time they will finish third in Sundargarh,where they wined  last time,as the lonely seat.The fortune of the party would be the same in Mayurbhanj,Kalahandi, Bargarh, Bolingir, Keonjhar, Dhenkanal, Kandhamal and most likely in Sambalpur.

However the 20/21 result of BJD may not be replicated in 2019 Elections, mean while some rooms has been created for Congress by virtue of the seriousness of the Party as a matter of interest for Odisha and the absence of Modi factor, rather the anti-Modi wave which is expected to migrate from Chhatishgarh,Andhra Pradesh,West Bengal and Jhharkhand to Odisha would benefit Congress in Odisha.

Trusting more on Modi Magic , endorsing wrong leaders like Dharmendra Pradhan, (who is pursuing his own agenda) Arun Singh(who is handpicked to execute the vested interest of Dharmendra Pradhan) and adopting wrong strategy against Naveen Pattnaik are summarily responsible for the menace Odisha BJP is going to encounter in 2019.However the party is all set to improve its Assembly tally marginally due to its escalated money power.




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