Lutyans Delhi,Padmashree and the Mysterious grin of a Padmashree nominee.

Newscast Bureau:-Chandra Sekhar Rath the eminent Literary  Personality of Odisha conferred Padmashree at the age of 89!While getting this news in the death bed he had a thin grin in his face as quoted by “Sambad”.

Infact a small fire has been ignited by the leading Odia News Daily “Sambad”  and we are just carry forwarding it and we appeal  people to make it a wild fire.

Last year while reacting to the Padmashree Declaration Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted and posted in his official Facebook account that, “No Lutyans Delhi only silent Ground Workers are conferred with Padmashree in Modi Government”.

Few days back eminent Odia Film maker Sishir Mishra reacted against the Padmashree Award which was given to him this year at the age of 70 describing it as the bridal ornaments to a old lady.

How the statement of Dharmendra Pradhan seems ridiculous,let us examine the story of one Padmashree Awardee from Odisha.

During Modi government one Odia Film Director conferred Padmashree.It was the consecutive second year Odisha Government recommended his name.First year the UPA government has rejected his name but Modi Government awarded him with Padmashree.

Not only Odisha Government, Lok Sabha MP Baijayanta Panda has also recommended his name and it is said that Officers from PMO were also pushing his name for Padmashree. Ultimately that gentleman in the age of around 40 begged Padmashree!

If we compile the Guideline for Padmashree and the profile of this person, perhaps it is the most serious manipulation in Padmashree selection history,the search committee committed ever.

Padmashree is a recognition for the lifetime achievement as described in the Guideline,how ever a person having a meagre film carrier of 3 to 4 years starting at around 2009-10 could not be considered for Padmashree in 2013-14,but it had happened in this case.Again the consideration point is for two to three ordinary cinema with self proclaimed “iconic” cinema tag.One cinema is iconic when it is recognized like the Film 3-idiot by the audience or it is acclaimed unconventionally in the IFFPA Accredited Film Festivals world wide.Unfortunately a person is claiming 32 International awards out of which non of the festivals are having IFFPA accreditation.We tried to track the secret behind the Film Festivals organized world wide, because few people have the fashion now a days to use the tag “Internal Award winning” or “Acclaimed cinema” to some of the bogus cinema which are other wise not worth viewing.We found near about 6000 film festivals organized world wide including couple of festivals in Odisha also,the credibility of these festivals are seriously doubtful, almost all are meant for commercial interest.Looking at this spurious atmosphere in the Festival circuit the International federation of Film Producers Association(IFFPA) started an Accreditation system to standardize the credibility of Film Festivals,interestingly we found only 13 Festivals world wide are accredited festivals around the Globe including only  one Film Festival from India ie Goa.Hardly 2 to 3 films from India use to qualify for these 13 festivals in a year.The person to whom we are referring to in this article has never eligible to qualify for a Foreign Film Festival having IFFPA accreditation except once in the Indian Panorama,which is a special segment for Indian cinema only.Question is, every year 25 Films qualify for Indian Panorama,is it a big film carrier if some body is qualifying once for Indian Panorama?

Baijyanta Panda has a systemic and professional office,but unfortunately without verifying the authenticity of the claims of a person, who is clustering door to door in the lutyans Delhi to snatch a Padmashree decoration,recommended his name.

This person proved, Padmashree award never comes spontaneously, it has to be organized through lobby by conveniently showing fake,exaggerated or manipulated documents.

A person who has only participated once in the Indian Panorama and never able to participate any of the IFFPA accredited foreign Film Festivals was given a Padmashree so hurriedly as if the Award will be closed from the next year and the country would be debarred from honoring a great Indian Director!!!!

It is very funny and sad that iconic Odia Film personalities like Prasanta Nanda,Sabyasachi Mahapatra,Raju Mishra,Sushanta Mishra(The Only Odia Director to Participate the Cannes Film Festival) Akhya Mohanty,the legend of Odisha are yet to be honored with Padmashree from the film fraternity.If an Odia Film Director is to be honored with Padmashree then the line is suppose to start from Prasanta Nanda,no one can deny this reality.

In the National scenario Directors like Raj Kumar Hirani is yet to be honored with a Padma,and if the list of big talents will be presented here it will ridicule the Government and will eclipse the sanctity of the Padma Honor it self.




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