Legacy of Perception vrs Trust Deficit.

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor.

Naveen Pattnaik, 20 years of uninterrupted and popular rule and no sign of decay of his personal image  and the desperate attempt of Dharmendra Pradhan to trespass into this space, this is the political scenario of present Odisha.

Naveen had a parachute entry into Odisha politics 22 years back without any ambition or desperation to amass power, this is the reason why he has been cool,non-aggressive,non-committal,principle bound throughout his political carrier. People say he is opportunist, had he been so, he could not have dump the coalition with BJP taking the risk of becoming a minority Government and by running the risk of the fall of his Government and at the moment he would have been by Modi side like Nitish Kumar,all know,at the moment Modi is desperate to take Naveen to his side,which could have been a safe game for Naveen for 2019 . Being a regional party he has been firm on giving issue based support to the Union Government and has maintained this principle to save the union government from fall irrespective of party. This positive attitude needs to be maintained by each regional parties to strengthen the federal behavior of India. When almost all the regional parties of India have formed groups to consolidate their position for 2019,Naveen is steel firm on his previous stand of being away from groupism. As usual in 2019 he will be the part of making; not the part of breaking; in the formation of a Good government in the center.

These are the eternal principles which make a leader sublime and people  as well as the political precedence of India will ever remember the Naveen School of thought for years to come.The space Naveen has created in  politics is not the Biju legacy,but of his own and his profile as a statesman is not because of the son of Biju Patnaik.Now we are ushering into a new dilemma as to whether Biju Pattnaik will be remembered as the father of Naveen or Naveen will be remembered as the son of Biju Pttnaik,probabilities are high that at the end of the day; Biju will be remembered as the father of Naveen in the history of India,and Naveen for his own milestones.

Naveen is unique, see the scenario, almost all the national media is predicting a deep inroad of BJP in Odisha and Bengal. Mamata is nerves and posing impatience but Naveen is playing a cool game. The result is reflecting in the ground, the aggressive fighting of Mamata is giving ground to BJP in Bengal where as the ignoring of Naveen to BJP in Odisha is further strengthening Naveen more. According to a BJP leader of  Odisha, Swadhin Satpathy,who is considered as a data bank of Odisha politics, it would not be a wonder if BJP will be  finished with 3rd in Odisha begging zero parliamentary seat in 2019 elections. It is said that silence is the biggest expression, Naveen is the bold example.

Naveen has well understand that a State Chief Minister is not to do any think about Economic Policy or Foreign Policy,he has to be focused on welfare, and this is what he is doing for the last twenty years. People believe Naveen is not hippocratic unlike his counterpart,this is his biggest assert,not showing any sign of diminish.So whatever may be the prediction of National media(?) the ground in Odisha is all set for the fifth term of Naveen Pattnaik. Why Naveen again, is a million dollar question ?It is only because Naveen is not propagating “Naveen Again” like Modi instructing his flatterers to wear tea-shirts in-scripted with “Namo Again”,it is the people of Odisha enchanting “Naveen Again”.   Let me elaborate.

Each democracy needs an alternate leader against a popular leader, this is a compulsion, but a tailor-made and media created person can’t be an alternative to a statesman.This is the biggest grey-area of Odisha politics today. BJP could have created or groomed a true and polite leader against Naveen Pattnaik in the last 10 years because RSS is an appropriate workshop to build leaders, but they gambled in a wrong horse.

There is a ridiculous hearsay resounding in the intellectual arena of Odisha, picked from the Book on Naveen Pattnaik written by Ruben Banarjee.Even national media is discussing this silly but doctored and manufactured false story. According to Ruben, In 2000 Naveen was panicked when Dharmendra Pradhan was elected from Pallahada, apprehending him as his future contender.People who have seen the political scenario of 2000 could hardly reckon the political strength of  Dharmendra Pradhan.The Pradhan father-son duo ware considered as political parasites in those days  and even today. This fabricated story belittled the motive of Ruben in writing a book on Naveen. In all probability Ruben was instrumental in spreading fake rumors in this Book, people know who are the abettors and what was the motive. However it is proven in history that creating stories and manipulating media can’t make a leader, the glaring example is Modi.The fictional stories that has been flouted in the making of Modi is a butt of ridicule for Modi now a days.

By resorting to hypocrisy no one can pose himself as the alternate of a popular, low-profiled and polite leader like Naveen, it would create sharp trust deficit, this is what BJP is suffering in Odisha at the moment.

In 2014 when Dharmendra Pradhan becomes the union Minister, he relinquished the use of Red Light in his official car and propagated it in all national media, very soon it was proved as a veiled attempt of Pradhan to pose simplicity and low-profileness, paradoxical to this unwanted drama people see him spending years together in the luxurious suit of Mayfare Hotels during his regular visit  to Odisha, though he is entitled to a VVIP suit in Odisha State Guest House along with his own house in Bhubaneswar, acquired by Pradhan family through discretionary quota. So simplicity is an instinct, it is not a matter of propaganda, rather propaganda of simplicity leads to trust deficit.

However BJP is confident to overcome these liabilities by the help of huge money power, which they have acquired in the last five years.




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