“Jay Shri Ram” :- From a holy chant to a vulgar abuse.

Satyabrata Dwibedy, Editor

The mirage of Ram Rajya,for which human civilization was hunting for ages, finally comes true.In New India of Modi, Ram Rajya means abuse Muslims by shouting Jay Shri Ram !!!! In this period of acute unemployment, at least two best source of employment are confirm in India, either you became anti-national and pelt stones at Security forces  in Jammu & Kashmir or became hyper National and abuse Muslims and TMC leaders of Bengal by shouting Jay Shri Ram. In both the cases you will get wage and wine. You may be astonished to see drunk people shouting Jay Shri Ram in Bengal, but it is the reality of Modi’s New India. Let the country perish but BJP need Bengal. This Jay Shri Ram virus is now spreading swiftly to Keral,Bihar,Assam,Uttar Pradesh,Telengana and other parts of the Country where Muslim population is substantial.Even the position of BJP-NDA MPs are not secure if they donot chant Modi-Modi-Modi-Modi and sought Jay Shri Ram in Indian Parliament.Nitish Kumar is a deviation,but let us see how far he could resist this bizarre.

Gone those days when Elections were fought on the issues of Employment, GDP, Industry, Agriculture,development or corruption. Now the new issues are Pakisthan,Cow,Balakot, Pulwama, Rafele, Missile,Muslim and Jay Shri Ram. The New Government begins its Governance with triple Talaque. It is a Good reform but curiously the beneficiaries are opposing this bill demanding few amendments and  alarmingly Hindus are more tempted then the Muslims regarding this Tripple Talaque Bill. Hindus are neither the beneficiaries of this bill nor the losers out of this Constitutional amendment. It is sheerly a question of jealousy, envy and hatred.

Hindus are feeling happy because the Muslims are finally cut to size by Modi Government!!!This sadistic sociological or communal intolerance was at least never been attempted or created by Congress.

Employment, GDP and industrial growth are at an alarming low, series of Economic experts are quitting RBI and NITI Ayog, even the Finance Minister of Modi -1 Mr Arun Jetley refused to participate in the cabinet of Modi-2 because of the stupid but audacious mismanagement of Economy in a rustic manner by Modi himself.

Farmers committing suicide,Cottage and small scale industries of the country is facing tough challenges from the market slow down, GST has enhanced the risk of Doing business, NPA are compounding day by day because of unskilled people running the show in Modi Government, still the whole country is overwhelmingly satisfied with Modi Government because of Balakot !!!!How foolish India is when it consider Mammohan Singh a weak or bed Prime Minister and a bluff orator like Narendra Modi a Good Prime Minister !!!!

Once the Politics of Congress was based on minority appeasement, this was basically facilitating some special favors which ware not affecting the interests of Hindus,but BJP under Modi regime discovered the reverse theory of Majority appeasement, which is more dangerous. Modi Government is instigating communal hatred and envy by humiliating the Muslims, not only humiliating but also crime against Muslims has increased in India in the form of Mob-Lynching.The recent US report is corroborating this allegation.

It seems the Home Minister of India is confined to Kashmir, however Naxal is a more bigger issue in India then terrorism. In Modi rule itself more security persons have been killed in Naxal attack then terror attack.Focusing Kashmir is because it is a Hindu-Muslim issue and distancing from Naxal issue is because it is an issue of socialism. Behind the Naxal issue in India the reason is the loot of Mines  and Minerals of the Country by the Western Indian Corporate Houses based on Mumbai and Gujarat. So Modi Government is not interested to resolve the Naxal issue, even they are avoiding to initiate discussions with the Naxal ideologues.

Mamata Barnarjee is fit to be replaced because of her Muslim appeasement policy but BJP is not the alternative, a truly neutral thinking should replace Mamata in Bengal, or else Bengal would be the destructive communal hotbed of India. It is no harm in taking action against the Bangladeshi infiltrates but it should not be linked with Hindu-Muslim issue or Jay Shri Ram.



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