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Is it Odisha voted one for Naveen and one for Modi ???

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

It was a blind perception rounding in Odisha that in this Election people have voted Modi for Parliament and Naveen for Assembly,even exit poll conducted by Odisha based Media House Kanak Tv and others predicted the mandate in a  same line. Just before a day of counting I have written an Editorial, “Odisha Can’t deliver a tactical voting”.Here I have suggested that this line of Voting is impossible in Odisha.I wrote this article on the strength of my experience by travelling the entire Western and Coastal Odisha before Elections to find out the electoral behavior of Odisha. During that time I had a strong realization that BJP may win 0 to 3 MP seats in Odisha and at-best 25 seats in MLA.I had strongly predicted that Dhenkanal  Lok Sabha seat can’t be wined by BJP,though many had a opinion of a BJP win.The background of my prediction was not the Karisma of BJD or Naveen Pattnaik but it is Mahesh Sahoo.The clever decision of BJD to file here Mahesh Sahoo worked.BJP-Mahesh Sahoo and Dharmendra Pradhan is a mysterious trajectory of Dhenkanal politics.Those who know this angel can’t believe any defeat chance of Mahesh Sahoo in Dhenkanal Parliament seat against BJP.

Now the point of Naveen and Modi.All prediction failed.Data shows no such tactical voting has happened in Odisha.BJD has received approximately 44% vote in Assembly and 42% vote in Parliament,BJP on the other hand has received 38% vote in Parliament and 33% vote in Assembly and Congress has received 13% vote in Parliament and 16% vote in Assembly.The only thing that is true is when BJP has received 5% more votes in Parliament  compare to its Assembly vote both Congress and BJD have received 3% and 2% less votes in Parliament.However Odisha has not voted Assembly and Parliament differently.The votes of BJD is almost constant and stable. It is BJP who consumed nearly 13% to 18%  vote Bank of Congress and only 2% Lok Sabha vote Bank of BJD.

The reason of this growth of BJP is again not due to the emergence of any popular leader in the State or due to any successful electoral strategy,it is exclusively due to the massive money power that has recently empowered BJP in Odisha.The downfall of Congress is due to its mismatch in financial power against BJD and BJP.It was impossible for BJP to encroach the vote bank of BJD with the strength of money,so they targeted the Congress vote bank and became successful.




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