Growing Stronger with the test of Time

Newscast Bureau,Bhubaneswar.

The reasons narrated by BJD behind the suspension of Baijyanta Panda indicate some how towards the dangerous crony capitalism which has engulfed India since India adopted economic liberalization.

It seems Naveen Patnaik is growing stronger with the test of  Time, as the head of a democratic institution without fear or favor as he has committed during his oath of office as the CM of State.The glory of Naveen image which is glittering for the last 20 years in India without any sign of fade is his reckless and noncommittal attachment to power.

The conventional political theory of equation,opportunity are not the guiding principle of Naveen Patnaik,he has his own  Bible or Geeta on politics,administration and diplomacy. Baijayanta Panda is a force,once open a time Dillip Ray,Bijay Mahapatra were also considered as a force in Odisha,but very swiftly Naveen sidelined them without a second thought about the consequence at the offing. Probably this is why Naveen is invincible in Odisha and considered as a unique leader having out-of-the-box leadership vision.

No doubt Baijyanta Panda is a good parliamentarian having global exposure but simultaneously his interest in expanding the business interest of  IMFA  has been a talk of the town since he was nominated to Rajya Sabha in 2000.Mean while by using his good office he has managed a lot of favor for IMFA from Government of India and Odisha including waiver of  a substantial amount of Bank Loan.

Lobbying to head the Parliamentary Committee on Finance,as has been alleged by BJD vice president Surya Narayan Patra last evening is violating the question of propriety and it is an issue of conflict of interest.

It is high time ,Baijyanta Panda need to explain whether his primary motto behind joining politics is to safeguard the business interest of IMFA or really it is something public service.Among four terms of his parliamentary representation,the initial two terms were as Rajya Sabha Member,not only Baijyanta,earlier also his family members were also favored with Rajya Sabha membership.

The Family run business of Baijyanta is all about mining lease,license,subsidy,loan waiver and the like activities where Government is always a party to it,even his media house OTV is also not above dispute or allegations.Foreign investment clearance to OTV by Chidambaram is now under question.Earlier,for several years OTV had a monopoly right of cable network using the electric polls of Odisha,which was attracted several dispute in the State.

Before claiming a statesmanship figure and pursue his political career afresh without BJD, Baijyanta Panda need to clear his stand about the allegations he is already entangled with,about his vested interest,his conflict of interest and the crony capitalism.Hopefully BJD would use these three terms against Panda to tarnish his image and political career.

The Game of Blame and Kill

Arun Panda,Senior Journalist.


Suspending from the primary membership of a political party without seeking explanation for the allegations to a senior leader is highly undemocratic.Two handpicked leaders close to the third floor were assigned to  prepare a report on the issue of  Baijayanta Panda,no one meet him personally,one telephoned him and the other one neither meet him nor discussed him over telephone,it seems the content of the report was dictated and action was preoccupied.

Is the changing definition of  loyalty in a democratic party  is flattery? Are we ushering again in to the nightmare days of feudal India?It is a point of National debate to review the constitution of  the political parties.

What gone wrong with him,his constituency presence along with his presence in the National forum is outstanding. Baijayanta Panda is the only Odiya Political leader whose articles are published in Times of India and other leading English News Daily,he represents Odisha and BJD appropriately in all National News Channels.His wisdom,knowledge and parliamentarian track record is outstanding, so he is an asset to Odisha and all Odiya irrespective of Political Parties.

As a MP the disbursement of MP Lad fund of Baijayanta was in the most honest form,which irritate the brokers who need cuts and commission from this fund.An independent evaluation revels that most of the MP lad funds are blamed with PC scam upto a maximum scale of 50%,let Government to deny it.

Offcourse crony capitalism is a point which need to be pondered in the case of Baijayanta Panda,but why after a prolonged delay.It is not Panda but Odisha Government need to explain and make it public, why the favors were granted to Panda and his family run corporate house IMFA and what were the reciprocation against these favors.

If accumulation of wealth and getting favor out of power is an issue against Baijyanta Panda,fine, but rule shall be equal to all.In case the wealth index of all the ministers of present BJD Government would be verified honestly it would shake the morality of most of the BJD Ministers and MLA. Inspite of being selective,the BJD supremo need to maintain parity in punishing the members of BJD those who have involved in conflict of interest equally like Baijayanta Panda,and the numbers are ample in BJD.

Common Friends and Common Enemies in the Changing Power Equation of Odisha.

Few years back a popular term was very famous in Odisha ie “Saheed Nagar Camp”.People were believing that Saheed Nagar is the Power Center of Odisha. With the changing time Odisha saw the fall of Saheen Nagar Camp and the abandoned bungalow once which was vibrant with loyalists and flatterers.

Then surfaced a new term in Media,popularly known as  “the third floor”,the new Power Center of Odisha. Normally third floor of Odisha secretariat is the Office of the Chief Minister of Odisha,but the third floor indication is meant for the officers who operate the system from third floor on behalf of the CM.

In the changing power equation of Odisha,the common is the Chief Minister him self  and the list of Friends and Enemies.

When Saheed Nagar was the Power center Baijyanta Panda,Dama Rout and Ranendra Pratap Swain were the frontline antagonists in within the Government and Arun,Sanjaya,Atanu, and Debi were the arch loyalists of the camp.

After polarization of Power in the mid-night operation,it was expected that a group of  new loyalists would be evolved and the enemies of the previous regime would be given priority and the loyalists of the previous camp would be marginalized. Offcourse new coterie was formed,new people were brought to the frontline but Arun,Sanjay,Atanu and Debi remain as the favorite of the new regime and again Dama,Baijyanta and Raja Swain remain as the enemy of the new camp.

Expected Consequence of Baijayanta Panda Suspension

History witnessed the carrier graph of the leaders whom Naveen had expelled from the Party.Dilip Roy is a deviation and Baijayanta Panda would be probably the second deviation.

He would be a serious threat to BJD to aggravate the anti incumbency wave in coasltal Odisha.

He would be an independent power center of Odisha and both congress and BJP would express interest to pick him.

Most probably he may join BJP and his joining would affect the power play of BJP Odisha,BJP would face serious conflict of power in the State.

He may resign from BJD and simultaneously from Lok Sabha to prove his individual strength.

The biggest electronic media house of Odisha which was loyal to BJD for two decades would behave hostile to BJD and this media house may create more damage to BJD then Baijayanta Panda .


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