From Nalini Pradhan to Narasimha Rao : where is the Electoral reward for silent Ground workers !!!!

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

It is said that Indian voters are matured voters, nothing but hypocrisy, we are a  corrupt democracy with a majority of stupid voters. just imagine, the person who queued millions of Indians in the streets and  made millions jobless, re-elected by the same people with a never-before mandate. The only secret of this huge mandate is one tagline; “Ghar mein Ghus ke Marenge”!!!! It is really easy to fool Indians. Have you seen a war in World History completed in just 11 minutes which  has changed the course and narrative of an Indian Elections?

If  Vikash or development is the USP of Elections then why Narasimha Rao and Bajpayee were rejected for a second term ??They were the real trend setters of Indian Growth Story.

Rao was the PM who made India an economic super power, he initiated the economic reforms, banking reforms, technological reforms, FDI reforms and up gradation of  the defense establishments. Not only that,he was the pioneer of an unique political unanimity in India,it is during his tenure only the leader of Opposition was deputed to represent India in UN.He deputed the then leader of Opposition AB Bajpayee for many international assignments,which was normally performed by the Foreign Minister of the Country,so it is during his tenure only the real team India was working with a positive spirit. Unfortunately he was denied a second term and India opted for a horrible PM like Debegowda. Bajpayee was the architect of modern India with state-of- the- art infrastructures, unfortunately he was denied for a second term, in place people voted for UPA which was the epicenter of 2G scam,Coal scam,CWG Scam,Mining Scam,Banking Scam,NAREGA Scam, Aviation Scam,Land Scam and a battery of Scams.

The recent example is Nalini Pradhan who lost Lok Sabha Elections in BJD ticket. In the last couple of years Pradhan during his tenure as the Works Secretary of Odisha and Engineer  in Chief of Odisha had contributed a basket of developmental projects for rural connectivity, bridges, drinking water, electrification, ring road, parks and many more to Sambalpur Parliament segment, which could not have been possible without the initiatives of Nalini Pradhan. One local BJD worker explained how Nalini Pradhan had visualized some major projects like Eco Tourism projects for Deoagarh, Lift irrigation projects for the Rengali Dam catchment area and the like. Rejecting him people opted Nitish Gang Dev,the seating BJP MLA of Deogarh. During a quarry about his performance as a MLA, invariably across Deogarh people blamed him of rampant corruption mostly in the distribution of MLA lad, people accused him as an inactive MLA, hardly seen in the Assembly to present the demands of his constituency  and totally chaos opinion about him.

In a vibrant democracy electoral wisdom is more crucial to get the best value of democracy, when choice is adulterated the outcome is bound to be impure. People of Deogarh, who have serious allegations  against Gang Dev gave him a lead of 15000 votes from this assembly segment, not only that in-spite of a massive developmental projects initiated by Nalini Pradhan for Sambalpur,this assembly segment voted more numbers of vote against Nalini Pradhan. This is the peril of democracy.

The reasons of this paradox must be looked into, not that voters are solely responsible for the miscalculation, it is the gap in the communication front which lead the defeat of Nalini Pradhan. None of the voters of Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat know that the massive developmental projects which are being implemented in the last several years in the lanes and by- lanes are really conceptualized by this man. When BJP was marketing the pseudo-developments of Modi in every remote villages of India, Nalini Pradhan failed to communicate people the real development he has contributed to Sambalpur Lok Sabha. Pradhan failed to realize the political theory, “Jo Dikhta Hey wo Bikta Hey” (Which is visible is sale-able).Before six months of Elections we have conducted two survey in sambalpur Parliament Segment,in all the two survey,it was BJD every where.Even Kuchinda and Deogarh was decisively going against BJP ,but Party could not maintain this lead. Nalini Pradhan failed to understand that he is fighting with Modi,not with Gang Dev and fighting with Modi means you need to trumpet loudly.The eight seats BJD lost to BJP is actually five.BJD lost Sambalpur, Bhubaneswar and Bargarh  for its own blunder.







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