Egg hurled to Naveen Patnaik : Dirty Political Game subjecting Commonmen

Bhubaneswar:-Yesterday two eggs were thrown to the Chief Minister by a lady in Baleswar and subsequently she was hackled and beaten by the BJD workers and police.Later police confirmed that she is the wife of a BJP worker.

Wife of a BJP worker,this reason is not sufficient to hurl two eggs to the Chief Minister.It is something else and some body behind the screen to operate the ugly game.The lady has no bitter issue against the Chief Minister.It is a dirty political warfare subjecting commonmen.It is not an idea cooked alone by her,it is surely an instigation like the ISIS and Taliban provoke or motivate youths to be terrorist. The new trolling and political mob management culture is exactly the sophisticated replica of talibanization of Indian commonmen. This trend is taking destructive turn,thus alarming.

It is the reason behind the massive political violence,killings happening every day.Police must reach to the perpetrators who are motivating people to maintain volatility which is in political terms called as , “MAHOL BANAKE RAKHHO”

Earlier egg hurling to Atanu Sabyasachi in Deogarh,Baijyanta Panda in Mahanga and today to  the Chief Minister created a lot of hue and cry in the State.

Political Parties need to abstain from these kind of dirty events to enhance the level of politics democracy need to adopt.What ever may be the legal implication of these kind of acts,the civil society should condemn these events and perpetrates to encourage clarity in the political system.



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