Diabetes,type 2 : New Discovery of Ayurved

Dr Priyabrata Dwibedy,Editor, Health 24×7.

In type 2 diabetes lifestyle management is enough to control it alongside some medication. It is seen that Ayurved is helpful in controlling type 2 diabetes. In Ayurved there are so many herbal aliments to counter diabetes. One of the latest discoveries is very simple and homemade to counter both diabetes as well cholesterol.

The ingredients are

  • Pudina leaf
  • Azwani powder
  • Ginger
  • Amla Powder
  • Garlik
  • Methi powder
  • dhania powder
  • Black piper powder
  • Pan Madhuri Powder

Take each of the ingredients with equal quantity, grind them semi wet. Your medicine is ready to consume one teaspoonful every morning and evening.



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