Decoding General Elections 2019 : India and Odisha

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

It is an upheaval ! Leading India again towards autocracy. Wonder to see a landslide victory for an incumbent Government without performance.For the first time we realized, people could be cheated by perception if media is partial. Off-course media is already blocked in India.

The other side of the story is also more dismal.The route of all blunder did by Congress is due to a stupid surrounded by a bunch of stupids ,leading the front.What made Rahul Gandhi confident to reject Coalition in Delhi,Haryana, Punjab,UP and West Bengal is still to be explained by Rahul Gandhi.

The only full-time politician in India is Amit Shah,rest are like the saints or Sadhus appeared in every 12 years during Kumbha Mela.We often criticize Amit Shah for the lavish party office he had constructed in Delhi,but surely it is not a recreation club,it is a well equipped political war room and a political, sociological and a demographic R & D unit of India.No one can think of such a sophisticated party office in India which is simply meant for reading  and connecting India from Delhi.

Amethi is a perfect message for the Indian Politicians who believe the bastion culture.Those who wants to be re-elected time and again must visit Chhindwada once to see how to  reciprocate the confidence of voters.That is why ,when Madhya Pradesh voted one side for BJP,the sole seat Congress  shaved from Modi tsunami  is Chhindwada,the true bastion of Kamalnath for the last four decades !!!

It is not time to go to the past and recall the blunders of Modi which has made India jobless.Let us hope Modi would act with more maturity in NDA-2,people have given him more strength to rule without pressure.It is seen that absolute power in democracy is a dangerous weapon.The attempt of Modi to abolish the caste line of India and divide India into two broader groups on religion line is more dangerous then the caste politics of India.The advantage of Modi is, he is pro-development and pro-welfare.He may relinquish his religion card this time or marginalize it.

The chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Pattnaik is a unique deviation of Indian Politics.He is a perfect crusader against hate politics. Modi mesmerized India with one magic ward,”Balakot”,but failed in Odisha.In a war of Hot and Coool,Odisha preferred a cool leader.Even the money power of BJP,the deliberate social media rumors against Naveen Pattnaik ,all the ugly tricks of Dharmendra Pradhan failed in Odisha. Hired journalists who were working to set the stage for BJP may think again to calibrate their journalistic ethics.Nevertheless  this was the appropriate time for a change of Guard in Odisha,but people rejected the alternative Leader offered by  BJP.When BJP was sweeping India,in Odisha 80% seating BJP MLAs’   were defeated including the BJP legislative party leader K.V.Sing Deo.The high profile union Minister of Odisha Dharmndra Pradhan could not save his home Constituency and Home District and Home Lok Sabha seat.Not a single MLA or MP won from his district,which covers two Lok Sabha and nine Assembly seats. Unfortunately this kind of leaders are the projected CM face of BJP in Odisha.Joel Oram did a commendable job like a Union Minister,he emerged victorious and instrumental in winning four MLA in his Lok Sabha seat.In the last five years he was a dummy  Union Minister without any wattage in Union Cabinet or in the BJP Odisha State matters.

However BJP got slight edge in Odisha Parliament election.Probably the party may get 8 Parliament seats   against just one in 2014.But this is not due to the Modi Megic,it is purely due to some  wrong decisions in ticket distribution, though the intentions may be bonafide.

For example Kusum Tete in Sundargarh assembly seat,BJD ignored a winning candidate by picking a looser from Congress.While filing a candidate against Aparajita Sarangi BJD ignored the rhetoric excellence of Sarangi and the poor PR and communication skill of Arup Pattnaik .The BJD candidate of Samblpur Lok Sabha Nalani Pradhan  lost only for the wrong assembly ticket of Deogarh,which was crucial for the whole Sambalpur Parliament seat. Rabindra Jena for Baleswar Lok Sabha was a wrong choice knowing his antecedents as a Chitfund accused. Mayurbhanj and Kalahandi have indicated BJD a clear signal  prior to three years back during Zilla Parishad elections but the Party in-charge and senior leaders could not put right effort to correct the errors, rather they spoiled more.

However war is prone to error,but the overall performance of BJD and Naveen Pattnaik is commendable.Both re-election of Modi and Naveen signals a message that Indian needs decisive leaders and the country is ushering into presidential form of democracy.





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