Bijepur Battle Ground:Not a cake-walk for either of the contenders.

Gopal Pradhan,Bolangir,

Reeta Sahu filed her nomination in a more grand celebration then BJP with all the heavy weights around her.

Meanwhile in a delayed move Congress high command finalized the name of  Pranay Sahu as the Congress candidate for Bijepur.He will file his nomination tomorrow,in the last day.

Reeta Sahu is the wife of ex MLA Bijepur late Subala Sahu.As she is powered with BJD brand and the sympathy for her husband who was a popular leader of the area naturally she has some age over others.Hoe ever Bijepur will not be a cake walk for any of the contenders.

By selecting Pranay Sahu,congress high command has shown the highest level of maturity as well as a new message to the people who believe .,there is a secret understanding between BJD and Congress in Odisha.This message was a much needed step for the Congress workers of  Odisha to boost the moral of the Party.

The son of a three time MLA of Melchamunda Late Birendra Sahu(1967 to 1980) Pranay has a considerable mass base and influence over the Kulta Community voters which amounts nearly 40000 in Bijepur Constituency.

In the number race,BJP is still ahead of others.From the last MP to recent Panchayat Elections BJP has  a strong hold in this area.Only Subala sahu could manage to check BJP in the last MLA Elections.

It was crucial for both BJD and BJP to know the stand of Congress about Bijepur.

Among the two candidates in the race for Bijepur,Ripu Seth is an ex-minister and considered as a state level leader where as Pranay Sahu is a local leader.

Congress preferred Pranay Sahu to explore the caste adventage.

Though BJP picked Ashok Panigrahi as the candidate,who is imported from BJD.The saffron party also has some inhouse leaders who could have meet the expectations of the party.

In the last Parliament Elections the BJP Lok Sabha Candidate Subash Chauhan has begged highest vote from Bijepur.How ever the last Lok Sabha canidate of Bargarh Subash Chauhan is not even among the leaders in charge of managing the election movement of Bijepur.

Either this is due to erroneous strategy or the outcome of coterie politics in within BJP. Earlier BJP had committed  the same mistake in Kandhalmala Lok Sabha by-elections.

BJP has many potential candidates in Kandhamala but party leadership misguided by a coterie, picked a new comer from BJD to contest in the BJP banner.

Nevertheless Bijepur is a do or die battle for all political parties,so anti party activity may not harm any party,even money power may not work in Bijepur. After all it is a different elections and a true referendum for 2019.




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