Astrology ,JUMLA and the Reality Check of Mission 120.

Now in Odisha , the Astrologers will decide who would be the chief Minister and Amit Shah will decide which party would get how many seats. Bizarre unlimited in Odisha with the “JUMLA tadka” of Mission 120,courtesy Amit Shah.

So,Jumla and Astrology is the final resort for the Non-performers.

In the midst of  the so called honest leadership driving the rule throughout the nation we used to hear peculiar rumors like X News Channel is taken over by A politician-Y News paper is taken over by B politician,this taken over  has another peculiar meaning.It doesn’t mean take over of management,it means,take over of defecto management,funding in exchange of editorial control or the shadow  editorial control.Publicity has been an epidemic in the new generation political circle.

Now the other dilemma is the source of funding of these honest politicians to purchase media,to afford visibility through hoardings round the year across the state,specially in the prime locations of Urban points,it is obvious,not necessary to expose the open secret that,the funding is coming from corrupt route.

Then comes the JUMLA effect.The party president of BJP,famous for JUMLA items came to Odisha and declared that BJP is going to score 120 seats in 2019 Assemby elections,without reviewing the past history of this poor party.

BJP scrored poor even in the V.P.Singh wave,Advani Wave,Ram Temple wave.It is only Naveen Pattnaik wave,that saved the face of BJP from 1997 to 2009.After  the withdrawal of support from Naveen, BJP again slided down to the poor position of 1995 and squared up in a single digit of 6 MLA in 2009 against 38 assembly seats in 2004.

If the arithmetic calculation of BJP and Amit Shah would be reviewed properly with reference to Gujrat,the Mission 150 of Gujrat  was ended with 99 against the existing 112.According to this arithmetic the Jumla of Amit Shah may conclude with 7 seats in Odisha.

How ever Uttar Pradesh is a deviation.But the Uttar Pradesh result can’t be expected in Odisha.Congress in Odisha is not as poor as UP.Naveen Patnaik still considers Congress as a potential threat compare to BJP.

Image crysis is another issue for BJP in Odisha against the larger then life image of Naveen Patnaik.BJP narrowly escaped in Gujrat due to the image of Modi,that game saver or game changer is not visible in Odisha BJP.

Indications are clear that the glittering 2014 image of Modi would have a very feeble illumination in 2019,this may affect the entire Hindi belt and may not be helpful  for Odisha BJP leaders,those who are  trying to encash Modi rather to rely on their own merit to dethrone Naveen.

On the other hand Naveen is focused on destabilizing Congress,who is the real threat for him.

Now the latest resort is astrology,Politics was never so cheap earlier.Leadership was counted earlier on the basis of popularity, acceptance,public relation and mass connect.In the absence of these virtual qualities now the best resort is media relation,face book communication,social media “likes” (Which can be purchased with money)astrology and JUMLA. ,The changing habit of the new age politicians is to spend more time in the Delhi coterie,which they thought  more safe and fruitful then to spend time with the people.

If the electoral popularity or the mass image of Odiya leaders would be counted, every one has a poor score.Starting from BJD,the tallest leaders of the party who have been fortunate enough for being elected twice,thrice and more, would be encounter miserable  defeat once the Brand Naveen would be removed from their back.

Talking about BJP,they were also the beneficiary of Brand Naveen as has been mentioned earlier.If the captive brand value of BJP in Odisha would be discussed,it is again a story of misery. Dharmendra Pradhan could not manage a single assembly constituency.He was the MLA of Pallahada during the coalition of BJD-BJP in 2000.Apprehending the lowering graph of his popularity in the segment,he exchanged his seat with his father Dr Debendra Pradhan,the then Member of Parliament of Deogarh.His father  was lost in Pallahada. In 2009 again he tried in Pallahada assembly and was defeated.This is the electoral history of the BJP poster boy of Odisha.

Another potential image of BJP is union minister Joel Oram.Even he could not save his MP seat in 2009,after the collapse of BJD-BJP coalition. In 2014 he could manage to win in a narrow margin.

Only K.V.Sing Deo is winning continuously from his assembly segment.

 Growth is obvious,no one can check  growth,but these people should not claim  the champion of growth,as leadership groomed from the ground and the present day leaders are far far away from the ground.The new age political management considers loyalty more  essential then the quality of mass leadership.That is why mass leaders are not being groomed,those who are pretending them as mass leaders are all hippocrates and are the tailor made leaders developed in the studios of social media.


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