A dishonest watchman concealed within the crowd of honest watchmen.

Satyabrata Dwibedy,Editor

“I too a watchman”,it seems as if this campaign confused Rahul Gandhi and his poor media managers to counter this last minute master stroke of Narendra Modi.I wonder to see such a poor campaign team of Congress.

I thought is it really an invincible tagline, ”Mein bhi Choukidar Huun”,no; within ten minutes I found the counter narrative of this tagline and it is , “Imandar choukidaron ki bhid mein chupa he ek chor Choukidar” (A dishonest watchman concealed within the crowd of honest watchmen.).I think a counter campaign in this line could make Modi bound to play in the back foot.

This time Narendra Modi should get a befitting reply who thoughts only the bollywood hyperbolic taglines without performance could help him winning elections.

How dare a person like Modi to describe him as a honest Choukidar,it is because of the simplicity of our folks and of the poor campaign narrative of Congress.It is this country where fairness creams could able to do business of thousands of crorers knowing the fact that skin fairness is a impossible task. Modi knows this psychological paradox of our people and trying to encase it.

Is really Smruti Irani  is a honest Choukidar; who was suppressing the fake degree records of Modi in Delhi University and her self during her tenure as HRD Minister .

Is Amit Shah a honest Choukidar whose son made Rs80000/- to 80 crorers within years.

Is Yeddurappa a  honest choukidar who is in connivance with the mining thugs Reddy brother is trying to destabilize a democratically elected Government by paying 100 of crorers as bribe to MLAs of Karnataka.

What a bizarre of describing honesty and choukidari !!!!!!

If really Modi a true choukidar let him to clarify the source of huge funding which is being used for BJP campaign ?Modi is such a unique Choukidar who wears a suit of Rs12 lakhs encrypted with golden filigree.

Congress has a unique opportunity to counter Modi this time with this Choukidar rhetoric.In 2014 this Choukidar narrative was fine as the charactor of Modi was not tested but in 2019 there are so many ridiculous instances against Modi,which could perfectly embarrass him in many fronts,it is a gamble Modi has done to rely on this risky tagline with so many failures in his era.But he was undone as “Chokidar Chor he”nerrative was penetrating the mass very swiftly .

Modi tried to get rid of the successful attack of Rahul Gsndhi with the punchline, “Choukidar Chor hei” his advisers instead of creating new narratives advised him to widen the umbrella of Choukidari depicting each conscious Indian as a Choukidar, so that Rahul could not attack a choukidar.

However the Golden opportunity of Rahul is to single out Modi and describe him as the only self styled Choukidar concealed within the honest choukidars of the country.Let us see how both Modi and Rahul deal the issue.

In Odisha  Naveen Pattnaik had also developed a good tagline, “Apana Khusi Ta-Mun bi Khusi” which means “if you are happy then I am happy”,but the way BJP sarcastically developed a counter narrative Naveen hurriedly abandoned the tagline, which could have been a good tagline during Odisha elections.It is the poor creative team of BJD which could not maintain the strength of this tagline.



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